Healthcare Interop as a Service for
Ambulatory, CHC's, and Developers

Let Necto help you connect and integrate with EMR software using Healthcare APIs, HL7, other ETL methods
with built in security and analytics for your application.

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How We Work

The Necto Interop Advantage


Necto connects EHR systems to Healthcare Organizations AND Healthcare Developers to EMR's and Provider systems. Necto Connect Engineers are available to connect your systems, working with your IT and development teams at every step. Done for you services is a heavily requested service.


We believe that interoperabilty means nothing without a core focus on security. Security is embedded in all of our systems leveraging Blockchain and Healthcare security best practices. Data security in Interop is often overlooked and creates risk for your organization. We have you covered.


Leveraging our proprietary Coral Cloud™, Necto can provide views across your Interop data systems to give deep insights. This is the Necto advantage in improving quality and your bottom line. From static to real-time automated reporting we give Healthcare organizations and Developers a view of their Interop and Business data to run your operations with inteilligence.

Why Necto Health

Healthcare Data Is Our Only Focus

We believe that connecting, protecting, and analyzing Patient Health Information (PHI) can improve patient outcomes and the bottom line of our valued Healthcare organizations. We are your Healthcare data experts.

  • Clinical and Business Focus
  • Connect and Transform Patient Data
  • Drive Bottom Line Results
  • Protect Your PHI and Data
Healthcare Data Focused

Connect. Protect. Analyze.

Unlike other vendors that work part time on Healthcare data solutions, that is all we do. Our laser like focus on solving EHR data solutions allows pinpoint precision in helping your Healthcare organization succeed.

EHR and Application Developer Interop
Data Analytics Solutions
Interop and ePHI Security Solutions
Software + Service

Consulting Services

Convert and Connect with Coral

By leveraging our own proprietary Coral Cloud™ engine, Necto Health can convert and transform your current data. In addition, we can help you integrate and interoperate with external systems to improve your workflows.

RCM and/or Clinical Custom Analytics

In every practice, there are times that require custom reporting and analytics. Let us assist all of your stickiest reporting and analytics problems. We leveraging Machine Learning and AI to view you a view into your data so you can run your Practice more efficiently.

EHR and System Migrations

Migrating from one EHR to another can be challenging. Let us help you leverage our tools, automation, and knowledge to help you in your transition.

Workflow and Process Automation

By leveraging our Coral Connect™ process automation engine, Necto can help you automate Clinical and Financial tasks that consume your staffs time. We guarantee to save you both time and money with automation.

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