Slide 03. Interop and Security Monitoring Improve uptime and security performance. Healthcare img Data Analytics Be Ready To Make Decisions 01. RCM + Financial Data Improve your bottom line. 02. Clinical and Compliance Data Improve operations and workflows. #HealthcareDataScience #HealthcareDataAnalytics
Necto Data Analytics

Clinical, RCM, and Interop Decision Support

Drive actionable results to your bottom line. Efficiencies come fast when you have simple and reliable views of your data to support the decisions in your Practice.

  • Executive and IT Dashboards
  • Simple Interface
  • Done for you custom reporting
  • Custom views on request
  • EHR data access views and alerts
  • Interop Monitoring and Performance
Why Necto

Focus on Actionable Insights

Are you tired of complex analytics tools that require full time analysts? So are we, that’s why we developed a simple data analytics tool for small to midsized Ambulatory and CHC groups. No more data analysts needed for custom reports.

  • Pre-defined financial views
  • Simple and actionable reports
  • No programmers required
  • Clinical and RCM views
  • Interop, Security, and Operations reports

What Our Clients Say